Methods of using silica sol investment casting in castings

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Under working pressure, silica sol precision casting crystallizes, and its shell is properly placed in a working pressure tank for forging during application. When the product is finished, the pressure tank is immediately closed, and its compressed gas or rare gas is filled into the tank when it is used, so that the casting can solidify under working pressure and expand in density. Thermal forging is a widely used forging form in the entire application process when silica sol investment casting is used. After removing the shell from the oven, it is poured at a high temperature. In the application, some investment castings, such as magnetic steel and turbine blades, if their crystal structure is columnar crystals arranged in a certain direction, their working characteristics can be greatly improved .

The following describes the operation process of silica sol investment casting:

1. Verify that the equipment and temperature control instruments are in good working order.

2. Transfer the old wax liquid recovered from the dewaxing kettle to the filter tank, then to static barrel I, where it should stand for 6-8 hours below 90 °C.

3. Pour the wax solution into the water removal bucket after standing still and draining the sediment water.

4.110-120°C Remove the wax liquid from the water bucket and keep it warm while mixing. Evaporate the residual water until no foam forms on the surface of the casting wax liquid.

5. Fill the static barrel II with the water-removing wax solution and keep it warm for at least 12 hours.

6. The standing barrel for each barrel should drain the residual water and sundries at the bottom on a regular basis.

7. For the main material pipe (runner) feeding pipe wax press insulation barrel, use the wax liquid recovered from the stationary barrel II.

8. The new wax in the barrel II is placed irregularly, generally around 3%-5%, based on the performance of the old bacon and the consumption of bacon.

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