Matters needing attention when purchasing electric butterfly valves

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Many customers know how important it is to choose a good electric flange butterfly valve, but we will find that many customers have spent a lot of time and money but still have not purchased the ideal electric flange butterfly valve product. Why is this? Today Milestonevalve will come to analyze the matters that should be paid attention to when purchasing electric flange butterfly valves:

On the one hand, it is because they don’t know much about the electric flange butterfly valve, so they don’t know how to use this brand-new product reasonably.

When it comes to the installation of the electric flange butterfly valve, we have to remind ourselves to always pay attention to safety issues. In order to allow the electric flange butterfly valve to go through debugging and testing smoothly after installation, it is necessary to ensure that the workplace is safe and try to avoid using butterfly valves in environments with large temperature differences. The environment with the huge temperature difference will cause problems with the airtightness of the electric butterfly valve, and it will not be able to achieve a rational working state. At the same time, the airtightness of the electric butterfly valve should be achieved under low air pressure, so we need to adjust the air pressure in the workplace. In addition, when we install the electric flange butterfly valve, the control element should be in a closed position to prevent safety problems after the line is connected.

When protecting the electric flange butterfly valve, we should also try to keep the entire equipment in a ventilated environment to prevent excessive grease stains from blocking the pipeline of the electric flange butterfly valve, which will greatly affect the function of the entire equipment. In addition, in order to make the operation of the electric flange more stable, we should fix it on a stable device. There are many detailed rules and operating specifications for the installation and maintenance of electric flanged butterfly valves. We should let professionals undergo technical training and then manage and operate them specially.

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