The Brief Introduction to Conference Room Soundproofing

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QDBOSS Conference Room Soundproofing uses high quality fiberglass boards with different flame-retardant fabrics. This type of acoustic panel is environmentally friendly, widely used, sound absorption, is well decorated, is easy to install, causes no dust pollution, etc. The various color and finish choices can satisfy all the customer’s acoustic and decoration requirements.  The Conference Room Soundproofing is designed to absorb harsh, distracting noises like echo and reverb to help the right sound through and resonate with audiences.  Hardened edges for the acoustic panel can help increase durability in Cinema, Multi-purpose Rooms, Meeting room, KTV, Hotel, Music Rooms, Auditoriums and Theaters.

Qingdao Boss Flame Retardant Textile Materials Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is one of China Acoustic Panel, Acoustic Ceiling, Fabric Acoustic Panel manufacturers,the leading supplier of acoustical materials product and fire retardant fabric used in architectural and industrial applications throughout the country. We are the supplier of Beijing Olympic National stadium "Bird's Nest" and "Water Cube". With the high- quality product and strong manufacturer capacity, our products,such us fabric acoustic panel, are more popular all over the world and have been exported to the United States, Russia and other countries and regions in recent years. Our acoustic and fire-retardant products,such us acoustic panels, are widely applicated in cinema, auditorium, meeting room, music studio, piano room, office space, educational institutions, exhibition center and so on. 

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