Silica Sol Investment Casting Development in China

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The Silica Sol Investment Casting is a type of investment casting, which is a great technology in the foundry industry with many applications. This lost-wax casting technique was developed by ancient Chinese workers several hundred years ago, and it was used to cast bells, tripods, and various utensils with exquisite patterns and characters. The modern investment casting method was practically used in industrial production in the 1940s. The development of aviation jet engines at the time necessitated the production of heat-resistant alloy parts with complex shapes, precise dimensions, and smooth surfaces, such as blades, impellers, and nozzles. As a result, the growth of the aviation industry has encouraged the use of investment casting. In the 1950s and 1960s, investment casting was used in industrial production in China. This advanced casting process has advanced significantly since then and is now widely used in aviation, automobiles, machine tools, ships, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, telecommunication instruments, weapons, medical instruments, and knives.

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